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AC19857   AcerCeleron Dual Core Laptop
AC19856   Dell Vosto 17" Core I5 Core Laptop
AC19853   Dell Vosto Core I3 Core Laptop
R001   Fixed Price PC or Laptop Repair
AC19854   HP 14 Core I5 Core Laptop
AC25892   HP 15 AMD Quad Core Laptop
AC15961   HP Eleteook I5 Laptop
EG0002   i7 EXTREAM Gamer
EG0003   i7 Ultimate Gamer
LT0201   Lightning
AMDaero   Lightning Gamer
Li7891   Lightning Intel
AMDRYZ5   Lightning Premium AMD
INTI5P   Lightning Premium Intel
AC19855   Microsoft Surface Pro4
ST32601   Storm
STP3250   Storm Package
EG0006   Supreme Gamer
T0201   Tornado
Li7901   Tornado Intel
AMDRYZ3   Tornado Premium AMD
IntelI3P   Tornado Premium Intel
EG0009   Ultimate + Gamer
AMDR31   Vortex
VORT43   Vortex Package

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